15 April 2014

Just when you think it's over......

Mother Nature lets you know who's "boss".  After a couple of very warm spring days, the temperature dropped to below 0C and a small flashback of winter blew in.
So I made myself a hot cup of tea, wrapped up in my Pashmina and spent the morning knitting and watching the giant snowflakes fall.
Now we all know this is not going to last, so I have been thinking of what I love to knit once the warmer air starts blowing in.  You know those lovely lacy shawls you can wrap around your shoulders and sit on the deck on a cool day and just enjoy the sounds of spring.  I have several in my queue on Ravelry.

Elizabeth Shawl by Dee O'Keefe

Northern Summer Shawl by Jo Kelly

or perhaps something simple like
Alina Shawl by Merja Korhonen

Up in the shop today, is our "Spring Shawl Yarns" in Continental Cat.  Each skein is a wonderful 750 yards of light fingering weight 100% Superwash Merino.    We have Johnny Jump Up, Lily Pad, Wild Iris, Gerbera and Bluebell. 
I think I'll get my current sock off the needles and contemplate which colour I would like to knit first.

10 April 2014

Spring has sprung again...........

at Chez Wandering Cat Yarns.   This time of year all I can think about is all those new flowers that will be popping their little heads out of the ground.  That takes me to the dyepots, because I can't wait any longer for bright spring colours.
Our first update several weeks ago sold out pretty fast.  I've had so many requests for Johnny Jump Up and Gerbera that I dyed up some more, and well the Johnny is all gone already.
But there is plenty of others on different bases up in the shop as I'm writing this.

I have a whole pot of Continental Cat soaking for some of those spring flowers and shawl knitting, so stayed tuned for the next update.

6 April 2014

The hardest part.............

for me is picking up projects I started and put down for one reason or another. This is one of them. I started this baby blanket for my great-nephew who is now 1 year old.  I saw a project I like, I dyed the yarn, and then I started.
Yarn:  Wandering Cat Fat Cat DK

Like everything I knit, I go all gang busters, then something new comes along and catches my eye.   Where does it go? In the basket for a time-out. I promise myself I'll get right back to it, and sometimes I do but most times I don't.

Now that I'm home for a bit, it's time to start getting back to that time-out basket.  I have a couple of friends having babies this fall, so if I get on it now they'll have some lovely knits by the time they are born.  Well my intentions are good.

The blanket is now just a little farther along than this, I'm already on the side triangles. I can do this.
I'm not following any particular pattern, just a photo of a baby blanket I saw and fell in love with.  Mitered squares are so versatile and perfect for small or larger projects.

31 March 2014


or stubborn.  I'm not sure what made me do it.   Have you ever had one of those projects, you love the pattern, you love the yarn, you love the process, but in the end you probably should have quit while you were ahead?
This was one of those projects.
I bought the yarn ages ago at the Needle Emporium.  It's the most luxurious skein of Red Label Silk Cashmere from Tanis Fiber Arts in the lovely colourway "Stormy.   I knew it was intended for something special.

Now the time comes and I need a hat.  What better yarn to have against my scalp, silk and cashmere.  It was meant to be.
I knew the hat I wanted.  BossCat had already made one and it was exactly what I wanted.  I had the yarn, the pattern, and the beads.
It started out fine, but I soon realized that knitting a single ply yarn with 2.25mm needles was going to be interesting.  I probably should have stopped there, but no,  I really liked the look and feel of the fabric, even though I had to pay attention not to split the yarn as I knitted.
So onward and upward, I persevered.  Then came the beads.  First mistake, single ply with small beads was not making me happy.  It was not easy pulling that yarn through that tiny little bead.   So, I ended up ripping back the beginning of the row and grabbed the larger beads and soon was back on track.

I finally finished it, even thought the beading was slower than I normally do, but in the end it was worth it.  I love it, and it will feel really nice sporting it in the weeks to come while the weather is still cool enough for a hat.
Pattern:  Karpalo-Cranberry

27 March 2014

About time...........

Now that I'm going to be home for a bit, I finally had time to do some long overdo work on my Hoodie pattern.   Every time I knit this for someone, several others would ask for the pattern.   Of course it only came in one size, it was my go to baby sweater. 
So I finally sat down, put pen to paper and figured out a couple of more sizes, it's been a long time coming.

A Tisket, a Tasket 

It's a top down, knit in DK or Sport Weight, perfect for spring or fall. And right now it can be purchased along with the Shawl Collared Sweater on Ravelry for 50% off, no coupon needed, just check out and it's automatically deducted.